Uncategorized Bay Area Home Sells For 1 Million Over Asking Price A Berkeley home just sold for double its asking price, an unusual feat even in an ultra-competitive market like the Bay Area. The mid-century house sold for $1 million over its asking price at $2.3 million and received 29 offers in 11 days, as first reported by CBS San Francisco While bidding wars and multiple […]
Uncategorized What You Need To Know To Invest In California Real Estate In 2021 For many years, investing in California real estate was a no-brainer. Every year an extra half million people needed housing. And they mainly wanted to live in San Francisco or Los Angeles, places that are already full; rents and home prices surged, investors couldn’t miss. Now the story is different. The population of California increased […]
Uncategorized Low Inventory The Higher The Price Bay Area Housing.   Have you thought about moving amid the coronavirus pandemic? Is your Instagram feed littered with captions reading “Surprise! We bought a house!” underneath photos of couples posing with sets of keys and whimsically colored front doors? Have you seen unbearably long lines for open houses in your own neighborhood? If it seems like the […]
Uncategorized What’s next for the Bay Area housing market?   At this time in 2020, Bay Area real estate experts were looking at a bright year ahead. The market was continuing its steady growth year after year, in both the housing market and the rental market. But in March, the market ground to a swift halt and an uncertain rest of the year loomed. […]
Uncategorized Vaccine Could Upend Real Estate Markets –Again   In just a matter of months the coronavirus pandemic dramatically changed the landscape of the housing market, especially in big cities. But now news of a promising vaccine could turn the market on its head again. Nationally, home prices have never been higher, driven up as surging demand due to record low mortgage rates […]
Uncategorized The Bay Area Will Always Be A Desirable Place To Live The Bay Area will always have its advantages when it comes to our geographical landscapes. I believe that is one of the reasons why the Bay Area will always be the most desirable places to live in the United States.  Here are a few of my favorite trails and hikes you should visit during the […]
Uncategorized Defend Our East Bay Front Line Hero’s Attention!  Attention! “Defend Our Front Line Hero’s” are looking for local businesses and individuals to sponsor care packages for our essential hero’s in our community. We must not forget about our Health Care Workers, First Responders, and All of the Essential Workers that are helping and making our lives easier during this trying time.  For […]
Uncategorized Coronavirus: Even pandemic can’t slow Bay Area home prices A once-in-a-century pandemic, widespread lockdowns and economic woe — none of it was enough to keep Bay Area home prices from going up. Bay Area single family homes sales fell nearly 10 percent in March, but eager buyers continued to push prices higher despite coronavirus concerns and restrictions. Median sale prices in the region increased […]
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